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Who We Are

A general contractor team for all residential projects
About Stillwater Homes & Interiors LLC
From repairs to renovations, our experienced team of contractors is here to help.

Stillwater Homes & Interiors LLC is an Emmett-based general contractor business, focused on providing the best in home improvement repairs, refurbishments, and custom home building in Emmett, ID, and surrounding areas.

We're customer-focused and result-driven. We value communication, transparency, and honesty.

You'll never have any unpleasant surprises when you work with our amazing team.

Whether you need us for a quick fix or an extensive makeover, we’ll be by your side. Using the best tools and the latest techniques, our trained professionals will elevate your property to look and function the way it should.

About Our Founder, Mike Buck

My love for construction began early on in life growing up in the country in Emmett. I was born and raised here in the Emmett Valley. Growing up I would build fort after fort, even re-arranging the hay bales and making forts.

I remember being fascinated when a new home was being built somewhere close to our home and would ride my bike there and just walk around looking at everything. I would also grab pieces of plywood and wood and make ramps to jump off.

I have almost always worked in some sort of construction avenue. From foundations to framing, siding to custom cabinetry and woodworking, I have had my hands on almost every phase of the process in creating a beautiful home.

Stillwater Homes & Interiors LLC may not be the biggest or most well known contractor, but we pride ourselves in providing ease of service and close customer relationships.

We love taking an idea and creating a dream for our customers. It’s not an easy process, but we try to make it as easy as possible for our customers so they can enjoy watching their dream home come to life.

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Whether you have a potential project or just have questions, we're here to help.